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In the last several years there’s been tremendous advancements in CMS or “content management systems”. These are websites with back-end access so that content can be changed by the company without having to engage a web-designer.

While for some companies, this makes sense, we appreciate that for others, it does not. Even if you could manage the content in your website, it may not make sense for a sales person or a customer service person to be spending time NOT selling or NOT servicing customers while they are trying to manage the content on your website.

Just like some of the other services in your organization such as bookkeeping, office cleaning, etc. it may make more sense and would be more efficient to have an expert do it. It’s more cost effective that you may think and it would free up critical staff time to do more productive things.

Part of that maintenance may be the implementation and execution of a social media strategy. We can create a single source solution that would take care of your website maintenance and social media management.

  Contact us today so we can discuss the possibility of designing or re-designing your website so it can be a more productive part of your sales and marketing efforts. Also ask us how we can create an efficient system of managing your website and/or social media so valuable staff time and resources can be freed up.


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